domingo, 21 de junio de 2009


this time is about dogs,i dont think they are animal or pets,looking back in my life in all my best moments are dogs.
¿why? because living with your parents playing with the dogs ,sharing love each other,and they are very sweet,smart and
understand everything you want to say.

Im thinking about,when my mothers told me when my last dog died,was terrible i was living in ireland when this
happened and ive been expected the worse when i called her to know about, how does he feels like but i didn´t want
to hear what i did.

Crying for 3 days non stop i was really upset but this is the life,and things happens and we can´t do anything to stop it.

but to be honest im feeling everyday i am with my dog,there is no day that im not thinking about him,my brain is more
strong as anything else,and remember you are your own boss of your mind and nobody can hurt you,unless you let in.

now,we have another dog,they are so different but one of the things in common more important, they can give you love,is
such a gift to live with them.when i call my mum im asking all the time,what he does,what he thinking all
the time......haha.

they´ve feelings,and one of the things that i use to keep with me,they are deserved more respet than anyone else,
beause they give you more than beg you.

so..............take care with your pets and respect them..

love xxxx

tomas martinez.