viernes, 26 de junio de 2009


I´d like to dedicate this space to everybody who is working hard to learn English,learnig as a second language isn´t easy,grammar, vocabulary and many new terms that we have to assimilate and refine the language to improve.

Sometimes I ask some friends to find some easier ways that makes me the fastest way, but the most important things,practice every day and exercise.
pronunciation is one of the most problems for spanish people because we have a strong accent,and this make more difficult.

speaking about my experience of course,collegue is the best way because youre under a teacher and you can ask about usual situations about grammar or english epresions......
but when you do not have enough time or money we have to learn ourselves,having a good attitude is very important because learning english have a long way to go.

one of the things I have worked a lot has been watching movies with subtitles, depends on the level could see it in English or Spanish with different subtitles,first time can be a little of difficult because you need to translate and you can feel tired,but you can try every day 15 or 20 min and after a few weeks you can get more time till finish a film,and after that you wont finish because youre not going tired and everyday you will find much better and your uderstanding is gonna increase as fast as you can imagine.

Reading every day another 1o to 20 min,should be better for you too because
can increase your vocabulary and gradually Introducing the new words,adjetives,verbs......
because we are using everytime....good,bad,nice but there are 1000 thousand of word which means the same.

sometimes we think we are not learning but isn´t true,our brain is working and keeping safe all information,please keep going and one day when you wake up,youll know that everything you have learned you can use everytime and you wont forget if youre using as much as you can.


reading.....magazines,books,childrens books,news paper,

tv.....all kind of films,programs

speaking....with english people or even with yourself

there are a lots of information on internet to improve your skills.